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May 12, 2009


Steve Media

I would like to see this film now, I have started writing a series that shows some of the things that can happen (and some that already do) when technology is used in obscure ways - sometimes funny, sometimes sad, sometimes scary. Interesting to see other people making films of this sort.

We have been discussing ways to get more guest authors involved at our Spanish chat site.

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what would an explosion in outer space look like,
without the benefit of gravity or earth to "get in the way"?
Would it still have an "up" and a "down", or would it be just
a perfectly round sphere?


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Interesting site, always a new topic .. good luck in the new 2011. Happy New Year!


Happy New Year! Happiness and success in 2011.

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The San Francisco International Film Festival saw the debut of numerous fabulous films, one of which being Atom Egoyan's latest, Adoration, which uses a nonlinear structure to explore the blending of the line where fiction crosses with reality and the...

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